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1 week summer camp for KIDS

Kids Go For Gold

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1 week summer camp

Join us JUNE 22-26, 2020 in Davis County, or Soldier Hollow JULY 27-31, 2020

For a week filled of Olympic spirit. Learn about the ancient Olympics. Learn how to play and participate in a new sport. See what it takes to become a dedicated athlete. Hear from experts. Train like an athlete. New mental word challenge focuses for the day. Compete for a medal as a team and individually. What are you waiting for…

ages 8-13

ALL Boys and Girls WELCOME

we invite all abilities and levels of athleticism.


1 child

$165 — All week Monday-Friday Includes all materials, instruction, art supplies, and materials for the week.

Promo Pricing:

January - March 1st

$300 — 2 children sign up.

Grab a sibling, friend, neighbor, cousin or classmate for a special GOLDen deal.

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Our greatest glory consists not in never falling but in rising every time that we fall.

— Oliver Goldsmith



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Utah is in a great position to host the Olympic games in 2030! Come learn from our experts what it takes to Go For The Gold. You sign up and we do the rest. . .